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ProViewDS Software

For managing and controlling digital signage in industrial environments, and with multi-user functionality, this system allows cloud and local control of alarms, trends, security features, graphical displays, configuration, project control, and version control.

ProViewDS includes several standard modules, including: real-time tags and asset database, user templates, alarms and events, Historian, SQL tables and queries, recipes, XML, CSV, XPS and PDF reports, built-in embedded SQL database engine web server, scripting, scheduling, OPC server and client, native PLC communication, graphical designer, delivering user interface displays accessible from desktops, remote smart clients, and web browsers.

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Key Features

  • State-Of-The-Art User Interface

  • Microsoft .NET Framework

  • SQL Ready

  • Security

  • Redundancy

  • Hot Standby

    • Hot Swapping

    • Multi-Touch

  • Vector-Based Graphics

  • Dynamic 3D Modeling

  • SQL Ready

  • Reporting and Data Access

  • PC, Web, iPad, iPhone Access and Control

  • INternal SQL Database Integration With External Databases

  • One Solution for Stand-Alone, Network, and Cloud-Based Systems

Typical Applications

  • Advanced ANDON Visualization

  • PC Embedded Systems

  • ANDON /Plant Performance

  • Operation Dashboards

  • KPI & OEE Indicators

  • Situation Awareness

  • Historian and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)

  • Plant Information Management System (PIMS)

Network Clients

Application Controls

  • Alarms

  • Reports

  • Trends

  • Security

  • Graphical Display

  • Projects and Version Control

  • External Database Connectivity

  • .NET Scripting Languages

  • Multiple Simultaneous Users

  • Online and Remote Configuration

  • Cloud, Intranet, and Local Deployment

Screen Examples